During the past 24hr period we have confirmed a diagnosis of West Nile virus affecting a 7th horse here in KY. The attached document contains both a 2018 Y-T-D summary as well as a brief summary of our historical cases (2001-2017).

KDA Reference:007 is


Onset Date: 09/18/18 Facial muscle fasciculation, hypermetria, profuse sweating throughout body, hyperexcitable and a progressive ataxia in all 4 limbs, Euthanized

Vaccination: Reported as being Current with annual vaccination, was last vaccinated Jan 2018

Also, I do want to share that while available data does not provide us opportunity to define the number of vaccinated horses in Kentucky exposed to but not contracting WNV annually, it does provide evidence and supports a logical conclusion that timely vaccination against the virus is beneficial and a good defense in protecting horses against WNV. We encourage individuals to consult their veterinarians and determine if a previously vaccinated horse might benefit from administration of a booster. Factors to consider should include when was the previous vaccine administered (timing is a critical factor), prevalence of virus in the area, and the exposure risk.