I did earlier this week share with racing officials and the Chief Veterinarian at Delaware Park the procedures, protocols and strategies we have successfully used in the past to help mitigate risk of disease transmission in racing/training environments. The procedures were well received and through conversation this morning I’ve learned that horses coming onto the grounds to race and return are being assigned stalls in the receiving barn. The receiving barn is being thoroughly cleaned and disinfected daily and the starting gate and other common areas disinfected between races. The affected horses, remain isolated outside the stabling area, while horses exposed to those affected horses are under regulatory restriction and remain segregated from the general population.

We appreciate the effort being put forth at Delaware Park, and with the added stabling and biosecurity precautions being adopted, implemented and monitored by racing officials at Delaware Park, we do have the confidence needed to amend our position to now allow KY horsemen desiring to race at Delaware Park to return to their KY track and stable with minimal risk. As always, horsemen shipping to race and return at any track should follow their own stringent biosecurity protocols and remember ‘hygiene is good, sharing is bad’.