Below is our position description regarding strangles having been diagnosed in a horse at Delaware Park. Please distribute this position statement to your horsemen and other interested parties.

Published reports on Sat 6/29 provide information that a horse stabled on the grounds at Delaware Park was diagnosed with strangles (streptococcus equi). The report suggest the horse had been moved to a veterinary clinic a week ago after becoming ill and diagnosed as being affected with strangles.

The horse was released from the clinic and moved to an isolation area at Delaware Park. The barn the horse moved from at Delaware Park is described as being ‘lightly populated’. The barn has not been placed under quarantine, though the article does insinuate the horses in that barn aren’t training with the general population.

I spoke with Delaware Park’s Racing Office late yesterday and asked the testing status of the exposed population and was told those horses are being monitored and no evidence of illness has been reported. There has been no testing of the horses having greatest opportunity of exposure (i.e. stable mates, other horses in the barn, lead ponies, outriders, etc) and their doesn’t appear to be intent to sample those horses.

Lacking testing of the exposed population, our current position is that horses currently stabled on the grounds at Delaware Park shall not be allowed entry into the stable area of a KY Track or their associated training facilities. Additionally, KY horsemen looking to enter, race and return should be made aware that their horses will be disallowed entry back onto the KY track. I’ll be updating our position as factual information is learned.


E.S. Rusty Ford
Equine Operations Consultant
Office State Veterinarian
[email protected]
502/782-5901 office