EHV1 Status Updates:

Parx Racing in Ben Salem, PA

The situation at Parx has remained consistent through the past week and weekend.

Currently 2 barns at Parx remain under regulatory quarantine.  There have been no additional cases having been reported.  My understanding is the 2nd barn has had no clinical cases, but having an epi link it too was placed under quarantine restrictions.  The last known exposure to a clinical case is reported as being 3/6/22 which was the day the clinical case was removed.  Monitoring for evidence of illness has been ongoing, but there are no plans for testing asymptomatic horses in the affected or epi linked barns.  In addition to the 2 quarantine barns, Parx’s backside remains restricted and no horses are permitted to leave with exception of medical need.

I have been advised by the regulatory veterinarian that their plan is to release following 21 days with no clinical evidence of disease observed or reported.  Based on current information, the quarantines/restrictions could be released as early as March 27th.

Fonner Park in Grand Island, NE
I’ve not spoken directly with anyone at Fonner Park.  Published reports citing a press release originating from Fonner Park on 3/12 provides information that earlier in the week 2 horses were euthanized following elevated fevers and presenting with neurologic abnormalities.  As a precaution the barn was placed under quarantine.  Additionally, the release provides that in addition to Barn R being placed under quarantine, no horses are being permitted to leave the grounds.  Diagnostic samples collected from each horse have been reported as EHV1 positive. The release indicates the quarantine and movement restrictions will remain in place for 21 days following the last clinical evidence of disease being observed/reported.

I hope to be able to reach someone with Fonner Park or NE Dept Agriculture later in the day to confirm the reports are accurate and will provide an update if any new information is learned.

E.S. Rusty Ford
[email protected]
Equine Operations Consultant
Office State Veterinarian
KY Department Agriculture