March 8th, 2022

From Rusty Ford:

We did on Sunday evening receive information of a horse presenting at Parx Racing in Ben Salem, PA with neurologic abnormalities earlier that day that was subsequently euthanized.  Prior to euthanasia, diagnostic samples were collected and on Monday afternoon we learned that the horse was found to be PCR Positive for EHV1.  I have confirmed with Parx that based on the positive result, two barns were placed under quarantine and that Parx officials are not, at the time of this writing, allowing horses to depart the grounds.  Additional testing of the affected horse is being completed.

I am hoping to be able to follow-up with PARX again later in the day and will provide an update as new information is learned.

During the interim, please help to insure our horsemen are aware of the concern and that based on ‘current information’ our understanding is that any horses which ship onto the grounds at PARX will not be allowed to leave the premises.

E.S. Rusty Ford
[email protected]
Equine Operations Consultant
Office State Veterinarian
KY Department Agriculture