Our Position/Direction on 4/5/2019 is unchanged and we continue to disallow horses originating from (or having recently been) Golden Gate Fields onto KY thoroughbred tracks or their associated training centers without qualifying and being approved by the KY Office State Veterinarian.

In anticipation of the affected barn at Golden Gate Fields being released from quarantine tomorrow (Sat 4/6/19), we have been conferring with racing secretaries, horsemen and veterinarians regarding the potential risk this population may pose. Lacking diagnostic testing to determine the extent of transmission to the exposed population, coupled with the short duration of time since last ‘reported or known’ exposure (14 days), we continue to have concern.  Additionally, an inability to adequately isolate new arrivals on the grounds of our tracks does warrant an abundance of caution be taken to mitigate the identified risk. With this being our opinion we are directing our tracks and their associated training centers to not allow movement of horses which have resided or been at Golden Gate Fields (racing, training or transiting, etc.), on or after March 18th without prior approval from the KY Office State Veterinarian.  We have and will continue to allow horses from Golden Gate Fields to enter KY and will work to qualify and facilitate movement of these horses to a KY track on an individual basis following testing and further evaluation.

This directive as currently set will remain in place through the week ending April 20th.  A determination will be made during that week if the directive should be extended or allowed to expire as currently scheduled.

E.S. Rusty Ford
Equine Operations Consultant
Office State Veterinarian
[email protected]<mailto:Rusty[email protected]>
502/782-5901 office