1 Equine confirmed earlier today as having been affected with West Nile virus.

In TODD County Kentucky KDA Reference: 009 is a 6yr STDBRED FE – EUTHANIZED; Onset Date: 09/26/18 – presented ataxic, hyperexcitable, condition progressively worsened, became recumbent and unable to rise.

Euthanized on 9/29
Vaccination: No WNV Vacc History

The Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s West Nile web page is being updated to include this 9th equine West Nile case of 2018.

The page can be viewed at www.kyagr.com/statevet/west-nile-info.html

In addition the page does include a cumulative summary of cases 2001 through 2017 as well as annual summary reports for each year.