Come be a part of an innovative new equine practice. We are looking for 1-2 equine vets that have a desire to provide high quality medicine. These positions are for part time or full time veterinarians. We are looking for team members that want to have a work life balance that allows them to pursue passions other than veterinary medicine

According to a recent study a majority of new graduate equine veterinarians leave equine practice within 5 years. The reason is always the same, work life balance and money. This practice is the first step in reversing that trend. Come join a practice that is not only concerned with you and equine vets in general, but that is also doing something about it.

This is an unconventional practice that will allow a tremendous amount of freedom to enjoy life to the fullest. This position is great for a new grad or a seasoned practitioner that has learned that there is more to life than working 24 hours per day seven days per week.

This position requires you to be on call nights and weekends in an ambulatory equine practice setting. In exchange for being on call you will have EVERY weekday off. Coming to work for us means that you will get a salary and not have any quotas to fill or metrics to meet. If you join us there will be no more invasions on your personal time because when you are not on call you will not have any client responsibilities.

If you want to join a team that is working to provide solutions for equine practitioners that want to take their lives back, come see us. If you are looking for a way to use that amazing education that you have but also live your life to the fullest, come see us. If you want to treat horses when they need you the most, come see us. If you want to also slow practitioner burnout by helping your fellow veterinarians, come see us.

Bluegrass Equine Emergency Services is a subsidiary of Gas Light Equine Veterinary Practice. For more information on Gas Light Equine please feel free to visit . Please email[email protected]¬†for more information.


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