Diagnostic testing completed and reported earlier today (August 28, 2018) confirms the first equine West Nile virus (WNv) diagnosed in Kentucky this calendar year. The diagnosis is based on detectable WNv specific IgM antibody and compatible clinical symptoms.


In PENDLETON County Kentucky

KDA Reference: 001 is

-a 9yr QUARTER HORSE gelding, is alive in stable condition with a favorable prognosis.

Onset Date: 08/23 patient presented w lower lip paresis and muscle fasciculation. During the following 48hrs, the patient a progressive rear ataxia and became recumbent unable to rise.

The patient remains hospitalized under treatment tonight and continues to improve.  Earlier this evening the 9-year-old gelding was found to be bright, alert, responsive (BAR), able to rise with assistance, stand, and is eating and drinking well.


Vaccination: Not Vaccinated


Follow this link KY’s Equine West Nile page  to view our current (expected to be updated on Wed 8/29) and historical Equine WNv data.  The page will be maintained and updated as additional information becomes available.