KY Racetracks/horsemen

We did on Thursday 12/12 have good conversation with officials directing/overseeing the quarantine and testing at Remington Park. Currently – horses in the original barn have been released from quarantine.  The release was issued after a 14 day period with no known exposure, no clinical evidence of disease in the barn’s population, and the group of horses all testing negative on both blood and nasal swabs twice.

Testing conducted on the population of horses in the second quarantine barn (the barn previously housing the positive pony) continues to demonstrate virus circulating in the environment with an additional three previously negative horses being found positive (one on 12/2 and two on 12/11).  My count, there have been 13 positive horses have been found and removed from that 2nd barn since being placed under quarantine 11/19.

While the situation at Remington appears to be improving with release of the index barn and no known spread beyond the second detected barn, the data to date continues to support virus has recently, and likely continues, to circulate in the environment; OUR POSITION RESTRICTING HORSES FROM ENTERING KY TRACKS/TRAINING CENTERS FROM REMINGTON IS UNCHANGED (Described in detail below).

Request to move horses from Remington to a KY Track or their associated training centers will be considered on an individual basis.  Our position will remain as currently written through the remainder of this calendar year.


E.S. Rusty Ford
[email protected]
Equine Operations Consultant
Office State Veterinarian
KY Department Agriculture