KAEP April 20th, 2016 Board Meeting Highlights

1.       KAEP supports the SOAR Project and UK’s efforts by Dr. Jamie Macleod to being veterinary services and practice awareness to the Eastern KY areas. Dr David Fugate is a liaison in the area as well.

2.       KAEP Survey Results have been taken into account, and members want more from their membership such as more meetings or wet labs, more updates online/social media, and more support. A Membership Committee (Bonnie Barr, Roger Magnusson, Andy Roberts, Laura Kennedy and Andrea Callanan) was formed to headline this effort as well as help plan a new and improved Yearly Social to boost membership satisfaction and participation. KAEP appreciates all the members that took the time to complete the survey either online or at the annual meeting.

3.       Education Committee presented by Dr. Bonnie Barr: VetPD wants KAEP’s support and membership in their CE program.

4.       Infectious Disease Committee: Dr. Bob Stout spoke of recent EHV-1 outbreaks and his concerns, as well as passing along helpful EDCC links concerning the virus and its mechanism. Links: www.kyagr.com

5.       KAEP will be opening nominations for  a new board member to Membership to fill the vacancy left by Ali Lovins, DVM who left this past year.