Join or Renew Your 2021 KAEP Membership Today!


**2021 Membership Dues are considered OPTIONAL by the KAEP Board of Directors**


The KAEP BOD is aware of the hardships that COVID-19 has caused businesses and families in 2020, therefore, we have decided to make 2021 KAEP Membership Dues OPTIONAL. If you and your practice choose to pay the 2021 Dues, please know that the funds accrued through 2021 Dues will be used to assist our industry charities to help battle the effects COVID-19 has had on their employees and practices.

The KAEP appreciates any support given and has plans to pay that support forward in any way we can. You have the option to:

  • Pay the full 2021 Dues,
  • Pay DISCOUNTED 2021 Dues
  • WAIVE the dues for 2021, while maintaining KAEP Membership

*New KAEP Members will be able to join the KAEP free of charge.

KAEP Member Renewal – $60.00
KAEP Member Renewal (Discounted) – $30.00
WAIVED Dues KAEP Member Renewal – $0
NEW KAEP Member – $0

To complete payment online, please fill out this form to get started. Online payments will have a $2.00 Processing Fee.  Membership renewal and payments can be made online below or you may mail completed form and dues by check.

DOWNLOAD the 2021 KAEP Membership Form

 Please mail to:

P.O. BOX 12583
Lexington, KY 40583
(Please make checks payable to KAEP)