August 22, 2023

From Rusty Ford:
1 Equine Confirmed Today As Affected With West Nile.
Diagnosis based on compatible clinical symptom with WNv specific IgM antibody detected In WARREN County

Onset Date: On 08/13 Mare was down would rise with assistance – began demonstrating rear limb ataxia – Continued Eating/Drinking with Normal Mental State
On 8/15 She was down unable to rise.
Euthanized 8/17
Vaccination: WNV Vacc History Unknown but is unlikely
Also Note: Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis (ELISA) was also positive and may likely have contributed to her neurologic condition
This information will be posted to the EDCC and the KY Department of Agriculture Equine Web Page is being updated as well.

E.S. Rusty Ford
[email protected]
Equine Operations Consultant
Office State Veterinarian
KY Department Agriculture